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Sweet Charity

I have been baking for a long time, for friends and family, and have always been told that I should consider starting a baking business. I always had the idea, and even bought the domain for that idea “many years ago”, but never did anything with it. Until now….I finally found a way to combine my love of baking with my desire to give back, and started Sweet Charity, where I can provide sweet treats, as well as sweet donations to local charities.

Since launching this home based business in April, we have been able to donate to charities that provide PPE to front line workers, those that provide activities and services to underserved children through Cubs Charities, and to Team Rubicon, a disaster response organization.

While browsing this site, you will find simple and delicious sweet treats that you can serve your kids, as dessert for your dinner parties, hostess gifts and even gift boxes for your college aged kids.

So whether you are someone that doesn’t like to bake, or someone who can but just doesn’t have the time, take a look around, order and enjoy some sweets and give back.

Because giving back never tasted so good!

When not in my kitchen, I’m often working on marketing projects, photographing nature or volunteering.

I have always found that food, whether sweet or savory, has a special ability to bring people together. For me, baking brings smiles to both hearts and faces and nothing makes me happier than that, with the bonus of giving back to worthwhile local charities.